Barrier Isolators

The MIC Isolator is absolutely, positively, 100% compliant with the newest USP<797> standard that takes effect on June 1st 2008!

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MIC Single
MIC Dual
MIC 797P

MIC Family of Isolators

  • Meets and/or exceeds all specifications required by USP<797>
  • MIC Isolators are the perfect solution to the restrictive and expensive clean room solution
  • The modular design allows for adaptation to any regulatory change
  • Designed to grow with your facility so your investment never becomes obsolete
  • Completely ready and 100% compatible with the next generation of Advanced Aseptic Compounding™ — Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide (VHP) decontamination
  • The MIC Isolators do not need to be placed in a clean room regardless of operating under positive or negative pressure
  • Full gowning is not required when using the MIC Isolator
  • MIC Isolator can be set at negative or positive pressure
  • The MIC does not need to be vented — in fact we recommend against venting while using the MIC Isolator
  • MIC Isolators have unidirectional airflow within the Direct Compounding Area (DCA)
  • Every MIC Isolator is installed by a factory trained professional
  • Every installation includes hands-on and in depth training for your facility
  • Comprehensive documentation package included with every unit
    • Policies and Procedures Manual
    • Certification Protocols
    • All test and validation reports from factory
    • Comprehensive documentation package that validates all statements made in regards to USP<797> compliance (including a letter of guarantee from the company)
  • Protects the Provider, the Patient, and the Environment


  • ISO Class 5 environment
  • Advanced Aseptic Compounding™
  • 316L stainless steel construction
  • Meets regulatory requirements
  • Removes personnel from critical zone
  • Automatic decontamination (with MIC-EDU System)
  • Validated sterility assurance levels (with MIC-EDU System)


  • Portable through standard doorways
  • One person can easily roll the unit to new location
  • No location restrictions
  • Limited gowning requirements
  • No renovation disruption
  • Perfect solution for disaster recovery plans
  • Adjustable working heights (hydraulic lift system)


  • Operating expenses significantly cheaper versus a clean room
  • Consumables are very economical
  • Very little space required for operation
  • HEPA filter changes - rare
  • Ongoing certification expenses are economical
  • Maintenance issues - rare


  • Safe glove exchange
  • Smooth, rounded, cleanable surfaces
  • Quieter than most hoods
  • Separate environments available with the Dual unit
  • Closed sharps and trash transfers
  • Personnel and product protection via gas tight construction

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